Warner Graham Company is pleased to announce our new partnership with IOI Oleo GmbH!

The IOI Group purchased the manufacturing sites in Germany formerly operated by Cremer Oleo GmbH. IOI Oleo GmbH will continue to provide the Miglyol®, Imwitor®, Softisan®, Softigen® and Witepsol® products and The products previously branded as CremerCoor, CremerVero and CremerLin have been rebranded. See our the products page for a reference guide to those new trade names. The manufacturing processes, specifications and product quality will remain unchanged. IOI has initiated the transfer of certifications (cGMP, ISO, EcoCert, Kosher/ Halal, etc.).   Updated certificates will be made available as soon as possible.

See our updated Products Page for all the IOI Oleo GmbH products available through Warner Graham Company.