Denatured Alcohol

Denatured Alcohol requires the addition of approved denaturants to pure industrial alcohol, making it no longer potable. There are several different types or levels of denaturing.


The first level includes Specially Denatured Alcohols, which do require a permit from the TTB in order to purchase. See our FAQ section for information on obtaining a permit.

Listed below are some of the more commonly purchased SDA formulas. Our warehouse has the ability to blend all of approved TTB formulas.

Formula No. Denaturant(s) per 100 gals of Alcohol
SDA 1 4 Gallons of Methanol and either 1/8 Oz Of Denatonium Benzoate, or 1 Gallon of MIBK
SDA 2B-3 1/2 Gallon of Toluene
SDA 3A 5 Gallons of Methanol
SDA 3C 5 Gallons of Isopropyl Alcohol
SDA 4 1 Gallon of Nictone Solution
SDA 23A 8 Gallons of Acetone
SDA 29-3 1 Gallon of Ethyl Acetate
SDA 30 10 Gallons of Methanol
SDA 35 4.25 Gallons of Ethyl Acetate
SDA 38B 10 Pounds of Essential Oil (inquire for a list of various approved oils)
SDA 39C 1 Gallon of Diethyl Phthalate
SDA 40B 1/8 Gallon of t-Butyl Alcohol and 1/16 Oz of Denatonium Benzoate


The second level of Denatured alcohols are referred to as Completely Denatured Alcohols (CDA).  The CDA formulas require the use of approved denaturants that render the alcohol completely unfit for human consumption.  As it has been deemed completely denatured, a permit is not required in order to purchase these formulas.

There are both pre-approved government formulas, as well as proprietary formulas which can be created as long as it receives government approval. Those proprietary formulas are referred to as Special Industrial Solvents (SIS).  Warner Graham’s SIS product line is called Specsol. We also offer a general use Denatured Alcohol called Palox, which is often used as thinner, general purpose cleaning agent, and fuel stove alcohol.


Warner Graham also offers Reagent Alcohol.  Reagent alcohol is available as either 190 or 200 proof pure ethanol denatured with 5% Methanol, and 5% Isopropanol. This is an approved denatured alcohol for use in laboratories, clinics, and hospitals without a permit.