INCI: PCA Glyceryl Oleate

A recent article in COSSMA discusses the natural haircare segment and notes it has not enjoyed the same growth or widespread acceptance by consumers as other natural product categories. Negative consumer perception, a limited product range and lackluster product performance have all contributed to slow growth in this market. (link to article which lives on the website in PDF)
Warner Graham Company is proud to offer Softisan® conditionHair a 100% natural ingredient delivering improved performance in natural hair care products.

Why are we so excited?

This ingredient provides formulators with a 100% vegetable derived, palm-free product shown to have high substantivity to hair and skin. Because PCA Glyceryl Oleate is a positively charged molecule, it effectively aids deposition of care ingredients on the hair, and it improves both wet and dry combing. Softisan® conditionHair when used in conjunction with caring oils (like Miglyol® Coco 810 silicone replacement) produces a true conditioning effect from a natural shampoo.

IOI Oleochemicals has conducted extensive product testing using different shampoo lab formulas with Softisan® conditionHair and a branded natural shampoo. In a home use test the formula incorporating Softisan® conditionHair was favored over the branded shampoo for rinseability, combability, and overall acceptance. In a professional hairdresser’s evaluation, the shampoo with Softisan® conditionHair improved the sensorial profile of normal and even of damaged hair – comparable to the performance of conventional products.

As natural product consumers ourselves, we’re excited by the prospect of improved formulas able to deliver on the promise of “hair care”.

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