Product Focus: Softisan 649 as a Lanolin Substitute

Cremer Oleo’s Softisan 649 is a well established product with a broad customer base and a wide range of applications throughout the Personal Care and Pharmaceutical markets.

Lanolin is a wax like substance secreted by the glands of wool bearing animals. It can be extracted from the wool coat after shearing. The primary concern with lanolin is that the processing of the wool requires it be first dipped in pesticides and then chemically treated prior to being distilled. These chemicals bind to the lanolin, resulting in residues of pesticides and other chemicals in the finished product.  Combine this with the distinct odor and strong allergen properties, and an alternative may be necessary.  

Softisan 649 is a direct substitute for lanolin. Among its many favorable traits, Softisan 649 is most notably pesticide-free, preservative-free, antioxidant-free, residual solvent-free, and does not require the use of odor masking fragrances. Here is a link to further comparisons of Softisan 649 and Lanolin. SOFTISAN 649 Flyer 2013 

Softisan 649 is also registered with the FDA under Drug Master File (DMF) No: 10524.

Additionally, if you are looking for a lanolin oil substitute, contact us about Softisan 645.

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